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The city of Marrakech is distinguished by the diversity and differences of its traditional markets, such as the Smarine , the Kasabin, and other old famous souks, where you will find the most important traditional local products such as traditional garments, carpets, leather products, and minerals with beautiful decorations.

In spite of the urbanization of the city and its civilizational impact on it through the presence of many corridors and major shops, these souks still occupy the highest rank in the city characterized by its magical nature, which makes the visitor enjoy the most beautiful moments of travel between the beauty of the charming red city throughout history.

Marrakech city guide, it will provide you with a list of the most important commercial places from various fields in the red city, while taking advantage of many information and services that you may need to know.

Marrakech City Guide Mobile

Marrakech City Guide Mobile


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Marrakech City Guide



Malls | wear | food | pets and more in Marrakech

markers 01This is Shopping Marker on the Interactive map of Marrakech City Guide where you can find all shopping categories listing

markers 02There is lot of Malls around the city of Marrakech where you can find all what you need, check its marker.

markers 05Art galleries, museums, artists paintings shown in one marker on the interactive map of Marrakech City Guide.

markers 04Whether you want traditional or fashionable clothes, this sign on the interactive map will guide you to these stores.



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markers 08Infant and Baby clothes are all in one marker on the interactive map of the Marrakech city guide

markers 07Wherever you are, markets is near you, this marker will guide you to nearby and distant food stores on the interactive map

markers 55Although there is no sea in Marrakech, its markets offering various types of fresh fish and this marker will direct you to many fresh fish markets in Marrakech.

markers 60For pet breeders in Marrakech, this marker will guide you to specialized pets stores for everything you need


Malls | wear | food | pets and more in Marrakech

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City walls and gates in Marrakech

a special tour in the city walls and gates in Marrakech   The city walls date from the 1120s when, under threat of attack from the Almohads of the south, the ruling Almoravid sultan, Ali Ben Youssef decided to encircle his garrison town with ...


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