10 things about El Badi Palace

El Badi Palace Marrakech

10 things about El Badi Palace

1. The Battle of the Three Kings

10 things about el badi palace

It was a battle between Morocco and Portugal in the city of the Grand Palace in 1578.


It began with a power struggle between Mohammed al-Mutawakkil and his uncle, Sultan Abdul Malik al-Saadi, along with Portuguese King Sebastian, who tried to take control of Morocco’s shores.

2. Built by Saadian Sultan Ahmed Al-Mansour AD Dahbi

10 things about el badi palace


El Badi Palace was built in December 1578 after The pledge of allegiance of Sultan Ahmed Al-Mansour Al-Thahabi in August of the same year when the Sultan Abdul Malek death.

Ignition of the building lasted 16 years without interruption, and his rule lasted for about 26 years.

His reign was considered one of the most prosperous times, prosperity, age and strength.

Al Badi Palace was dedicated to holding parties and official receptions

3. Historical designs

10 things about el badi palace

Among the many historical texts and designs, one of the Portuguese designs dating back to 1585 m speaks of the fact that the palace was surrounded by high walls in all four corners of the towers and the main doors of the west side of the palace.

4. Ponds and gardens

10 things about el badi palace

Around the palace, there is a large square with a large water pond with a fountain.

   The floor covered with zellij interspersed with small water pools contribute to the cooling and tempering of the atmosphere of the palace.

5. Palace Suites and Halls

Several wings stretch on the sides of the palace in a rectangle that opens with arches that are now ruined,

The most important halls were: the Gold Hall, the Crystal Hall, and the Bamboo Hall.

  It was also called the Khomeinism for the use of 50 columns in its construction.

10 things about el badi palace

6. Khizuran Pavilion

10 things about el badi palace

The pavilion in the north of the palace, which was in a private pavilion of the palace’s harem (women), has become a gallery for foreign and local artists.

7. Roof terrace

The only sound tower is located in the northeast corner with an internal staircase up to the ceiling, which enables the visitor to learn more about the palace’s vastness.

10 things about el badi palace

8. Storks

10 things about el badi palace

The most frequent visitors to the palace are the presence of stork nests, which are taken from the palace’s dilapidated walls.

9. The architecture of the palace

In spite of the lack of informed sources in the decoration of the walls, floor, and roofs of the palace, it is mentioned that among the materials used were marble and onyx in different colors, gilt crowns, decorative tiles, and gilded wooden ceilings. The palace also has fountains and water pools.

The architecture of the palace

10. Andalusian architecture

Andalusian architecture in El Badi Palace

The Budaiya Palace is a living example of the architecture that characterized the Saadi era in the 16th century, just like the school of Moulay Youssef and the tomb of the Saudi monarchs with its Andalusian design.


Workers and artisans who participated in the construction came from all over the country and even from Europe and also brought marble from the Italian city of Fez.

Andalusian architecture in El Badi Palace

Inspired by the pivotal wings of Granada’s Lions Square and also from the courtyard of the mosque of the villagers in Fez, the system of ponds and aqueducts inside the halls was inspired by the Alhambra of Granada.

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El Badi Palace

El Badi Palace Marrakech

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